Production Notes for Chasing the Shadows

"Commentary provided by Director/Producer Timothy Schultz"
Behind-the-scenes image from "Chasing the Shadows"

"The production of Chasing the Shadows was an extraordinary experience. This film started out as a simple documentary about haunted Colorado and eventually grew into a worldwide exploration into the unknown. As we dove deeper into the field of paranormal phenomena my curiosity grew.

We shot in numerous locations including Africa, Italy, and The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO, and the Myrtles Plantation, in La, which is thought by some to be the most haunted house in America.

If you accept that it is possible for a spirit to become stuck or for energy to haunt a certain location, no matter the cause of it, then it really brings up many questions about the nature of our true reality and the possibility of life-after-death.

We edited inside a Denver mansion, which is known as being extremely haunted and is also featured in this film. It was very inspirational to say the least in helping us finish this project. Our door literally opened and closed on its own right in front of us multiple times, objects were mysteriously shifted from place to place, and on one occasion a pop bottle flew across the room to start playing the edit of the film on its own.

On another occasion, I was in a heated discussion with the editor about the storyline when an eerie clapping sound occurred. It sounded and felt as if someone was right in the room with us in front of our faces trying to get our attention. There were no vents, nor any other people in the room to create this sound, yet we heard it. Needless to say, we were slightly freaked out and immediately resolved our differences. 

Our goal was to make a documentary that was real in contrast to the melodramatic and fake paranormal programming that is often found in our media today.

Whether you are a fervent believer in the paranormal or an unbending skeptic, our hope is that you will enjoy this film."